League: sports tournament management

League is a sport tournament management module developed over Drupal 7 standards.

We are defining entities, nodes, taxonomies and custom tables to handle the solution. Basically, unique contents are entities, support data are tables, others are nodes.

Adding JavaScript to a Drupal 8 Theme

The drupal_add_js function and almost all of the excess javascript loads were removed in Drupal 8. This means that if you have custom javascript, you have to add it to the theme yourself. You can do this from the theme.info.yml file or from the .theme file.

Adding custom javascript files directly from your theme.info.yml file

In Drupal 7

Your theme.info file

scripts[] = js/scripts.js

In Drupal 8

Your theme.info.yml file

ActiveState Komodo IDE debug setup


Follow: https://drupal.org/node/2055947 first


Komodo (v8 - ought to work with earlier) debug setup

Choose Komodo-PHPRemoteDebugging-8.0.2-78971-linux-x86_64.tar.gz


Extract the contents


How to:

  1. Enable the module and visit Fotomoto Configuration
  2. Enter your Fotomoto Store Id. Visit fotomoto.com to register and get your store id.
  3. Select the content types for which you wish to enable fotomoto widget
  4. Select if you wish to display fotomoto widget on Node teaser, node detail or on both views
  5. Save and visit your node pages to check your implementation

To Create a Store Id Field in User Profile, follow these steps.


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