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Ladybug sample

This theme has the sharp and large picture of a ladybug in the header. The picture comes from a Joomla theme (GPL.)

The Drupal version of the Ladybug theme is based on the Sky theme.


The theme is fixed at 960 pixels.
It supports simplemenu and is supposed to work with the AdminMenu too.
The Primary menu appears in the green rectangle below the header. The menu uses superfish to make it a dropdown menu.
The theme supports a logo, large title, and slogan (all optional.)
You can have a left and right sidebar (optional.)
There are a content top and a content bottom areas where you can insert blocks.
There is a footer area where your footer information is shown. You can also include blocks.


Luxury theme

Luxury theme preview

Clean and simple Drupal theme with many regions. Created by ADCI solutions team


Drupal RETS Real Estate Framework

Drupal RETS Real Estate Framework (dRealty) is a Real Estate Module to import Listings into Drupal via the RETS protocol. It is a full fledged real estate solution for Drupal.


Search Lucene OG


This module provides integration between Search Lucene and Organic Groups, and is a port of the Apache Solr OG module.


This module hasn't had a lot of testing, so use with caution. Please help test, and feel free to submit patches!


Developed and maintained by Erich Beyrent


Shared Email Password Reset

This module will help user to reset password based on both email and user name, there are some cases where this module can help when using sharedemail module or when there is a requirement that passwords should be reset only if email and username matches.


Zopim Live Chat

Agent engaging user with the zopim live chat


This module adds the necessary script to the footer of ones site for prompting users to chat via Zopim Live Chat.

What is Zopim Live Chat?
Zopim increases engagement between you and your visitors, by allowing them to chat with you! Great for improving interaction with your users and increasing the time they spend on your site.



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