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@font-your-face provides an administrative interface for browsing and applying web fonts (using CSS @font-face, supported in all popular browsers) from a variety of sources. Try it out on simplytest.me.


  • A font browsing interface allows selection of fonts from from several providers:
  • Fonts are automatically loaded on site simply by clicking "Enable"; no need to create font files, write CSS, add JS, nor figure out different methods for every font provider.
  • Clear indication of license restrictions on provided fonts.
  • Fonts can be applied to specific text on the site either by using the provided font-family identifier in theme CSS, or by typing a CSS selector directly in the @font-your-face interface.
  • The @font-your-face code is designed for re-use, so other modules can both supply and read active and available font information.
  • Fonts can be exported/imported using Features (7.x-2.x only)
  • You can also import your own local fonts in all web formats: EOT, TTF, WOFF and SVG.


Nodewords Page Title (Views, Panels, Non-nodes)

Leverage the power of nodewords custom pages to set the page title using wildcard paths and global tokens. Great for tough-to-reach page titles in Views, Panels, and other non-node paths!

The value proposition:
You're frustrated with your page titles. You've never been able to put a decent SEO-friendly title into dynamically created pages. Say goodbye to your frustrations. This module marries the best features of nodewords and page_title modules. :-)

Steps to install:

  1. Enable nodewords w/ "Custom Pages" sub-module (Please use 1.12-rc1 or 1.12-beta9)
  2. Enable page_title.
  3. Enable nodewords_pagetitle (this module).

Steps to configure:
1. Make sure you set the following on the nodewords admin page (admin/content/nodewords/settings):

  • Under "Meta tags to output", make sure "Page title" has "In HTML tag HEAD" checked.
  • Under "Meta tags enabled on administrative settings pages", make sure "Page title" has "Show in edit form" checked.

2. Check out the page_title module admin (admin/content/page_title):



    Affiliate-NG provides the basic affiliate functionality:
    - Affiliate URL handling
    - Clicks (recorded visits based on affiliate referrals)
    - Campaigns (ways to differentiate traffic sources)
    - Reports for administrators ("Affiliates" page) and
    users ("Affiliate Center" tab on the user profile).

    Used by Commerce Affiliate, which provides commissions.




    Zbench theme is standards compliant XHTML valid two column theme originally designed by zww.me and ported to Drupal.


    • Site name
    • Site slogan, mission
    • Primary links
    • Comment user pictures
    • Right sidebar
    • Footer Message
    • Search box, rss feed


    PDF To Text

    This module provide users to upload PDF document in any content type. The uploaded PDF document will automatically convert into plain text in the body field of the content type. This will make it easier for users to edit it and a number of them can be appended on after the other. Besides it, searching will be easy and document need not to be downloaded every time to view it.

    The module has been a joint work of Pranshu Gaur and Saubhagya Maheshwari.

    Project repository at github: http://github.com/saubhagya/pdf2text.


    Webform Import

    Allows delimited data files to be imported as submission (results) into webforms.

    This is useful for importing submissions from other systems in to Webform. Can also be used to Edit submissions via Export / Import as long as the CSV has the SID column filled.




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