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Drupal Socialnella Distribution:

The best way to get a social-distribution drupal 6 based.

A Particular Set of Modules, Themes, and Configuration A Drupal "distribution" is simply a particular combination of Drupal core with certain modules, themes, and configuration.

Basically, someone has built and configured a Drupal site for a particular purpose. Then, they've saved all their work, so you can copy it, and reuse it for your own Drupal site. That's it.

Why Are There So Many Distributions?

Views Pager Count


Provides an area handler that displays a form allowing the user to specify the number of items to be displayed per each view page (using either textfield or select form element), allowing to override default view's configuration.

The value is stored in user cookie, until Reset button is used, which causes cookie to be deleted.


In view's header or footer area add Global: View pager count form and configure as required.


Redirect Hostname


This Redirect Hostname module is based on the popular redirect module. It allows for redirects based on source hostname, not just source path.

www.productX.com => www.example.com/productX
www.productX.com/promo => www.example.com/productX/promo



This module will count the number of times an authenticated user visits a page matching a path pattern. If the views per hour reach the established limit the user will be redirected to either an established page or a will be sent to the standard 403 page.

Permissions exist to allow roles to ignore the limits so administrators can browse without limitation.

Use Cases

The use case I initially built this for is to deter users from manually scraping through other user's profiles to build mailing lists.

Content lock extend


This module adds Entity lock support to the community module called content_lock that will prevent two users from editing the same node concurrently. This module exposes the locking node content type of content_lock through all entity, so that content locking can be done over all entity content type.


This module exposes the operations of content_lock module for Entity Content type.


Node Language Copy


The Node Language Copy helps users to create content in a multi language environment.

If a node for a language for some content type is created, the user may choose to create clones of this node for all available languages or for selected languages. These copies are marked as needs translation.

This facilitates the task of the translators.


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