The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.


There are a number of open datasets provided on the Kasabi platform. Datasets include the CIA World Factbook, the BBC's Programs, or NASA's spacecraft dataset.

This project currently gives examples for how other Drupal modules can be used to bring data from Kasabi into your Drupal site.


Autonomy IDOL search

Offers an implementation of the Search API that uses an Autonomy IDOL server for indexing content.


Please feel free to take this code and run with it!!

Feeds namespaces

Parser selection

Abandoned: In the unlikely case that you need this namespace, just contact me.


Highrise Webform Data Integration

This module is deprecated in favor of the Highrise module.


D7 OG Menu

Development branch for OG Menu 7
This branch has made it's way into the official OG menu project

Get it now on

Views UI Tabs (Sandbox)

Provides a views style plugin to display views results in jQuery UI Tabs.

This sandbox is obsolete.

Full project available at Views UI Tabs


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