Apachesolr XSLT

XSLT templating for apachesolr, a nice concept, and worked for older version of apachesolr module, (might still work) but needs an overhaul.

Ubercart Telemoney

Telemoney payment module for Ubercart

Guzzle oAuth MeetUp

(Working) Example module to show how to use Guzzle oAuth with another provider then one of the big four (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn).

This module adds Meetup.com as a provider.

Build on its friend Guzzle Oauth.

Image Style Deliver 404

Display the standard themeable Drupal 404 response instead of a bare 500 when an image style derivative cannot be generated.

If you have a website with many images and image styles your site will be indexed by Google Image Search and other image search engines. If images or image styles change your vistor will see a bare "Error generating image." on the resulting 500 status page. Terrible UX right there. This module corrects the situation by returning the standard themeable Drupal 404 page.

Node Tab Multi-type Argument

This is an example of a ctools argument that allows you to select multiple content types so you can use node/%nid/%node_tab with multiple content types.


This module only works with a very specific setup and should only be used as an example.

It resides on MNN's reporting site, which is a custom reporting site that uses D6 and a way out of date version of Views that is heavily overridden. It creates json from cache tables of schedule data. This json is fetched from mnn's public facing www site so that it can display the programming schedule that comes from MNN's internal tool, Access Center, which relies on Community Media's Difficult Starter Kit.


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