Quiz 7.x-5.x


Quiz versions 4.x.1.x through 8.x-4.x do not support anything other than 1 question per page. There are some major issues that need to be fixed first before we can get to that functionality, and some other major issues that would be great for the project.

Mobile sliding menu

The mobile sliding menu module integrates the mmenu jQuery plugin for creating slick, app look-alike sliding menus for your mobile website.

Drupal mobile sliding menu

3 Month Payday Loans

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5. Creating Tables and Holdings Groups and/or Categories

Once enabled the league_table module, game statistics are recorded.

Goals, wins, ties, looses and points will be available on Views.

Points are calculated using standard point assignment on league main admin form.

Only games with status finished are considered for table statistics.

League ships with a default table views.

Groups and/or categories

If you hold games on different groups and /or categories just take hand of any Drupal Way categorization: taxonomy, node/entity reference or OG and assign it to your games.

4. Minute by minute

Minute by minute allows to register occurrences on games on a minute basis.

When league_minute module is enabled a form is added to each game to add/edit minute occurrences. The form will not be shown if no minute have been added.

To use this functionallity some minute types have to be created, league ships with a default soccer set of minute types that the could be easilly customized.

To add/edit minutes you have to go to the specific games, with appropiate permisions a contextual tab will let you create your minutes for a specific game.

3. Handling and setting Events. Lineups

Events are defined as happennings on games, they are assigned to a person inside a game within a minute.

Events also hold points in case some kind of statistic is required.
They could be: private or public.


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