Panopoly contrib modules

The following is a non-exhaustive list of contrib modules built for Panopoly.

Panopoly Event

Panopoly Event provides events, and event registration with various customizations for Panopoly-based sites.

Panopoly FAQ

This is a basic FAQ module designed to allow for the creation of powerful FAQ lists!

7. Advanced Settings

Manual installation

  • For the most basic installation you need to enable at least league and league_game modules.
  • Create a node bundle for teams, by default machine name should be 'team'. This bundle must have an image field call 'field_emblem'.
  • Create a league_game bundle for games, by default machine name should be 'game'.

Under advanced settings on League Admin Interface you could define diferent bundles (on the same content type) to hold games, players, stadiums, teams and matchdays.

Service Tags

A list of all the tags you can put on services in D8. The majority of this is still a todo, but this should be really useful for developing modules.

RETS Import Options:Manually Supplied Query

Say you want full control of what will be imported using "drush -d rets-import".

Under "drealty connections" /admin/drealty/connections/manage/erec_idx/resource/drealty_listing/1, you can select a custom "Query Type", by selecting "Manually supplied Query (Server must support offset)", then specify your custom query.

Here's an example of a custom query for our RETS provider:

( (Status=S),(DatePurchaseContract=2013-04-11+) ) | ( (Status=A,B,P) )


Bootstrap Library

Bootstrap Library loads via libraries the Bootstrap files installed on /sites/all/libraries/bootstrap, regardless of the theme you are using. It does nothing else.

When using Bootstrap themes is particularly helpful to:

Quiz 7.x-5.x


Quiz versions 4.x.1.x through 8.x-4.x do not support anything other than 1 question per page. There are some major issues that need to be fixed first before we can get to that functionality, and some other major issues that would be great for the project.


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