Debugging a Solr search

Sometimes when using this module, you might come across a search that doesn't return the expected result (or facet, highlighting, etc.). When you've looked at the other sections in this handbook (especially Special server features and pitfalls) and not found anything, looking at the Solr request directly to see where the problem is might be the best next step. (It is also often a great help when you create support requests in the issue queue.) This is usually (depending on your server setup) not particularly complicated.

RETS Import Options:Manually Supplied Query

Say you want full control of what will be imported using "drush -d rets-import".

Under "drealty connections" /admin/drealty/connections/manage/erec_idx/resource/drealty_listing/1, you can select a custom "Query Type", by selecting "Manually supplied Query (Server must support offset)", then specify your custom query.

Here's an example of a custom query for our RETS provider:

( (Status=S),(DatePurchaseContract=2013-04-11+) ) | ( (Status=A,B,P) )


Quiz 7.x-5.x


Quiz versions 4.x.1.x through 8.x-4.x do not support anything other than 1 question per page. There are some major issues that need to be fixed first before we can get to that functionality, and some other major issues that would be great for the project.


This is a place holder for the Salsify tutorial.


This is a place holder for Salsify documentation.

Salsify Content Integration

Note: The Salsify module documentation will, like most great modules, need to be updated often to reflect the newer changes that will be found in future releases of both this module and Salsify’s system.

Upgrade to Feed Import 3

Steps to upgrade from 2 to 3

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