Feed Import 3 - Edit feed

Edit feed related settings such as entity name, delete protection, processor or hash manager.

Feed Import 3

Feed Import allows to import content into entities (like nodes, users, taxonomy terms, ...) from various file or database types.
Also can monitor feed items for changes to update imported entities, can set an expire time to entities to deleted expired ones when cron runs or can be used as one time import. All settings can be made from an easy to use interface.

This documentation is for Feed Import 3 only. For version 2.x click here.

Uninstall AddThis

How do I uninstall AddThis? (7.x-4.x)

  1. First disable the AddThis Displays module if you have enabled it. Then when thats done save.
  2. Make sure all fields of AddThis are deleted on the content types or entities you have added them.
  3. Run cron multiple times to purge all field data.
  4. After that disable the AddThis module.
  5. After thats done run uninstall on the AddThis Displays first.
  6. Then uninstall the AdThis module.

Why Vagrant? - Background


After playing with social media, site builders such as Wix, tools such as Dreamweaver, you're now ready to step up to the next level and do serious web site development making use of one of the leading CMSs or frameworks - be it Drupal, Wordpress or Symfony. These are what many prominent successful sites use that stand out.

Demo Framework with Acquia Dev Desktop

To get started, visit http://www.acquia.com/downloads and grab the latest, greatest version of the software. Install it using the provided wizard.

Then open the Dev Desktop Control Panel and start the Acquia Drupal Stack.

Full disclosure, the Demo Framework is a big distribution and requires a memory boost. Open the "Settings..." tab and click on "Config"

Demo Framework also runs best on PHP 5.4+ so switch your default version to PHP 5.4.8

drupaldev-apache - Out-of-the-box ready

Note this uses PHP 5.3 so that Drupal 6 sites can be used with it, Drupal 7 can also run on PHP 5.3 but later versions are possible as well. It would be possible to update the script to use 5.4 if required, I'll get back here on that with the steps.

Credit: These are setups crafted by Mike Bell (@mikebell) co-organiser of DrupalCamp NW in the United Kingdom.


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