Events is a distribution aimed to help in organizing various conferences, camps, clubs and events in general (hence the name, Events!). It could be used for various Drupal events like Cons and BarCamps but is not limited to Drupal or IT events, you may use it wherever you may find it usable.

Mobile Navigation Module: Installation and configuration

  1. Download and extract the Mobile Navigation Module into the modules directory.
  2. Go to /admin/config/user-interface/mobile-navigation.
    Configure the displays (or breakpoints), as many as you need.
  3. Go to /admin/structure/menu/manage/. There you'll see a tab for Mobile Navigation.
  4. Youll see a list and a select to choose any of the defined displays. Add a new display for the corresponding menu. You can add one configuration for each defined display.

Mobile Navigation version 2.x

Documentation in progress. Mobile Navigation verison 2 is still in testing phase. Feel free to edit.

Welcome to the Documentation for the New version of Mobile Navigation Project. mobile navigation v2 logo
Version 2.x has a lot of new features added to the ones included in the version 1.x, plus a refactoring of the code and the configuratin aproaches, making it a lot better in term of speed, performance and stability.

Mobile Navigation Module

Welcome to the Mobile Navigation module documentation.
If there is anything that you don't clearly understand on this page, please notify @x7ian or any other you see that is active in this section.
Feel free to edit this documentation if you find any errors or if you have anything worth adding.
Regardless of your skill or knowledge level, you can always contribute if you wish. For example, testing and writing documentation its an important way to contribute.

Bear Skin


Bear Skin is the default theme for the Bear starter profile, which is a profile to use as a starter kit when building a new site. Bear Skin does not rely on the profile, but can be used as a simple, clean theme. Bear Skin is somewhere between a pure starter theme and a more styled theme. It can be used as a starter theme that will be heavily customized, or, for smaller projects, it can be lightly customized and give you a nice looking responsive theme with little work.

Updating Site's Logo

  1. Click Appearance in the Admin Toolbar
  2. Click Settings next to Community Media Theme 2 - Zen
  3. Uncheck the Use the default logo option
  4. Upload your logo as a jpg or png. The default logo is 470 x 140 pixels. Your logo should be a similar size.


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