Omega 4 Sass Quick Setup in Windows

I had a lot of trouble getting Omega Sass to compile properly without gem dependency errors. Below is a quick guide to getting your Windows Development Environment up and running quickly for the Omega 4 Theme using Pik (an RVM alternative), and Bundler.

  1. Download and install Ruby 1.9.3 and DevKit from

Read More link on non-node listings

This is a fairly trivial exercise with help from the Read More Control module.

This example provides a read more link on a user listing generated using the Views module.

Define a view mode

Site builders should check out the Entity view modes module.

Programmers can simply define additional view modes using hook_entity_info_alter().

Create Custom Invoice Template in Drupal 6x, Ubercart 2.4

Ubercart Invoice Templates can be customized, but several steps are required to get Ubercart to look in the proper directory. First, create a custom module, we'll call it "mymodule." Make the .info and .module files.

Installation with drush

Kalatheme now ships with Drush commands that mimic the subtheme generator GUI. Here are some basic commands to help you get started:

Basic commands and options

Creating custom Drupal.ajax object 'on the fly' and attach it to any element on the page (div, td)

From Drupal documentation we know how to add 'AJAX' for links and form element, from PHP with '#ajax' element attribute, but this technics propose to create AJAX object on client side.
To create new Drupal.ajax object we need to do the following:

Theming Tips

Commerce Kickstart 2.0 includes two themes that are sub-themes of Omega 3.x. These two themes are named:

  • commerce_kickstart_theme (which is itself a sub-theme of omega_kickstart;
  • omega_kickstart

The information below and on child pages is a collection of tips and tricks for working with these themes.


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