Flickr Style Guide

Only some basic CSS is included in the Flickr module. The instructions below explain how to make it look fancy.

Create a file custom.css in your theme's CSS directory and add the following line to the [your-theme].info file:

Requirements for using SASS with Omega 4

Out-of-the-box Omega 4 integrates SASS support. Subthemes created using the Drush wizard have a clean starting point for customizing the theme using modern CSS approaches. There are, however, a number of requirements that must be available in order to use these:


Circle is a clean base theme for Drupal 7. It has almost no custom .tpl.php files (so the markup is up to you) and a number of theme functions that are frequently used in real world projects.

Add bootstrap image css class to pictures

Bootstrap 3 has css classes for images -- . A preprocess function in template.php can be used to add the css class.


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