Panopoly contrib modules

The following is a non-exhaustive list of contrib modules built for Panopoly.

Panopoly Event

Panopoly Event provides events, and event registration with various customizations for Panopoly-based sites.

Panopoly FAQ

This is a basic FAQ module designed to allow for the creation of powerful FAQ lists!

Bootstrap Library

Bootstrap Library loads via libraries the Bootstrap files installed on /sites/all/libraries/bootstrap, regardless of the theme you are using. It does nothing else.

When using Bootstrap themes is particularly helpful to:

Upgrade to Feed Import 3

Steps to upgrade from 2 to 3

This might fail and break your site, so please use a copy of your production site in order to test it first!
When in production put your site in maintenance mode!

Harmony Forum

Harmony Forum is an upcoming distribution.

Harmony core is the first part and here's the initial feature set:

Mobile sliding menu

The mobile sliding menu module integrates the mmenu jQuery plugin for creating slick, app look-alike sliding menus for your mobile website.

Drupal mobile sliding menu

Process plugin: skip_row_on_empty

This plugin checks to see if the current pipeline value is empty (for example the empty string, FALSE, or 0). If so, the further processing of the entire row is skipped and will not be migrated. Useful when combined with a migration process plugin to check if a related item was previously migrated.

Example of usage:


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