CalDAV Events

CalDAV reader & writer

React upon events and manage calendar information from a CalDAV server.



DruKeePass is an Password Share module, inspired by KeePassX and TeamPass.

This module provide the ability to store in a save way your password to easily share it with your team.

This module don't have any relation with the normal drupal password hashing system.

ERPAL Feedback Reloaded

This module integrates the great feedback reloaded module with ERPAL project management. It allows you to collect feedback from your customer and send the screenshot with the feedback directly to the ERPAL project.


PM Migration

NOTICE: Since i have got co-maintainership of the PM project this sandbox has been made obsolete.

Development branch for PM dedicated to Field migration.

Add this sandbox as remote to your existing pm git repo.

git remote add d34dman
git pull d34dman feature/pmperson
git checkout feature/pmperson

Incorporating a finished feature/pmperson branch into 7.x-1.x

Cashboard API

A Drupal integration with Cashboard.

Integrates by added a series of Cashboard reference fields. Currently their are fields for client, project, task, and task time. Task time is updated on cron.

Warning! This module is in active development. No official release yet. The structure and methodologies will be changing and evolving a lot with limited testing on the upgrade path. Use and upgrade at your own risk. And please do so carefully.


Human Queue Worker

Turn your users into compliant worker drones! With this module, you can have multiple users working concurrently through a queue of entities, to process them in some way.

This works with Drupal's core Queue API, but is meant for tasks that can't be accomplished by an automated worker process. Examples of use cases include approving items for publication, deleting spam, and cleaning up data.



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