Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Display Date

Most content on Drupal either has a 'Published on' date or a 'Created on' date associated with it. While these are great, sometimes content editors want a date they can edit easily for a number of reasons. Display Date is a module that does exactly that. It builds on the Date and Date API modules to create an easily configurable field that editors will love.
This module will allow content creators to easily set a displayed date for a node. If no date is set, the node created date is used.

Field API Tab Editor

This module allows individual field values to be modified on their own custom tabs on the entity's page. Each field must be enabled from the field's settings page, then the new tab will show.


The primary features include:


Fraction Field Formatter

Provides a field formatter for displaying decimals as fractions.

The contrib module Fraction must be installed first.


Sandbox project. Autosize js for textfields.

Field Info Popup

With this module popup help can be attached to fields. Once the popup content is defined via editing the field instance settings a small question mark is appended to the field title. Upon clicking the question mark a popup window appear with the associated help text.

Help text can either be defined as static text, or a URL can be supplied to load the help content from.


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