Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Field Group Structure Service

This module is an odd-duck we needed for a specific use-case where we were managing the interface for a very large custom entity with a JS based front-end.

We wanted to support the visual field grouping offered in and manage fields UI of a custom entity. We needed this group context conveyed to our front-end JS library which would use the field grouping information to group our fields for display (we happened to be using Angular JS).

Dimension (Sandbox)

This is the temporary sandbox for the "real" module over at which was created as the wrong content type, see #2243863: Move Dimension to it's proper project type on

A field class to support dimensions. The following three modes are supported:

Lazy Load Field

Lazy Load Field allows any field to be loaded with AJAX rather than included in the initial page download. This is useful for fields that would otherwise add significantly to the page download so that the initial page load is quicker (particularly on mobile devices). Additionally, a media query can be specified (per field) so that the field is only loaded under certain conditions.

Social Media Aggregator


Social Media Aggregator is a fast and efficient module for displaying the most popular socials feeds on your site. It provides an API for normalising the rendered output of social media from 3 core sources; Facebook, twitter an instagram.

The module provides a 'Social Media' field that can be used on any fieldable entity. The field can be used as a reference to twitter, Facebook or instagram.

Other custom modules can provide additional social sources to the API.


Provides a field formatter to display images in a fluidbox.

Fluid box is a 'distraction free' lightbox. It provides an elegant mechanism that allows a different image to be loaded inside the lightbox than the one that is on the page. It resizes the images on the page intelligently, i.e portrait images aren't squashed and large keep their aspect ratio.


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