Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Text & Integer Field

A compound field with a text field and paired integer field.

There is now also a submodule called textintegerfieldx2url -- that's two text fields, two integer fields, and a URL field. This is unlikely to fit your exact needs but it is another example you can copy for making compound fields.



Another CCK module to provide a rmeinder field type.


To install, copy the cck_reminder directory and all its contents to your modules directory.
To enable this module, go to Administer > Modules, and enable Phone Number.


Todo Tasks:
- simpletest

Ongoing Tasks:

Scorm Field

Test of Scorm Field module

Views Day of Week

Views Day of Week provides a simple filter plugin for Views 3 to enable filtering content that should be visible based on the current day of the week.

Example: With this module you can select that some content should be visible only on Mondays, some on Tuesdays and Thursdays and some only on Fridays.

For more detailed instructions, please see the README.txt.


Display Suite ID Argument


Display Suite allows you to add Views block displays as fields to view modes. However, one problem is that you can't pass arguments to the view.

This is a very limited scope module designed to pass the node/term/user id to views included as block fields.


Image Matrix

Image Matrix module provides Views style plugin and content field formatter for displaying any number of images in magazine-like layout, arranging them at different sizes so that all images fit within a defined "square box".



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