Can't install Theme in Drupal 8

i can't install a new theme in drupal 8. i have tried to set the theme in de source folder root/themes/ and sites/all/theme but it didn't work. i have also tried to upload the zip file whitin drupal ->Appearance->install new theme but nothing happens after clicking. can someone help me?

macbook pro 10.9.2
Drupal 8-Alpha10

Displaying form information from database

I am looking for a module that would allow me to enter data like possibly an office directory or other data, then display it as a page. I would need a way to edit or delete that data. I have looked into several modules like flexi-forms but I could not get that one to work right.

Does such a module exist?

Migrate from joomla 3.2 to drupal 8.x

i m having a website currently i m using joomla 3.2 but i m facing some problems. i want to safely migrate on drupal 8.x without losing anything such as articles, categories, tags, links, photos, etc. i m new to drupal. i don't know how to safely migrate. plz anyone can help me out from this ?

Fatal error: Call to a member function isAuthenticated() on a non-object

Hi, I was just in the process of installing Drupal 8 and I had just put in my database info, it waited for my site for a while until I got the message "No data recieved". Now when I try and load my site I get a white screen. I put the code in index.php to show the error message and it's showing this:

Fatal error: Call to a member function isAuthenticated() on a non-object in /home/whatahit/public_html/core/includes/ on line 256

Fatal error: Call to a member function id() on a non-object in /home/whatahit/public_html/core/includes/ on line 181

Drupal 8 from admin/modules Need help

From admin/modules page using drupal 8. There is no button display from where I will add new module.
Can anyone help me to findout

Migration from Open Atrium 1 to Open Atrium 2

I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to post this question, but hopefully if it's not someone will guide me to the right place.

I'm working in a University running Open Atrium 1 as the intranet platform for the college, we are planning to migrate from Open Atrium 1 to Open Atrium 2. our main concern is that is it possible to migrate the users, posts (with linked contents) and ideally pages (notebooks) ? what are the possible methods to achieve that, we are willing to try any method or whether there is a plug-in to achieve this task.


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