Ruby on Rails vs PHP – The good, the bad

Ruby on Rails vs PHP – The good, the bad

It seems Drupal adopts many ideas from Symfony in Drupal 8,
the following article by Leo is good for thought,
especially the comments are better(?) than the article itself.

Core Mentoring and the Drupal Ladder at DrupalCon Austin

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Learn through contribution at DrupalCon Austin

Are you looking for a way to learn more about the upcoming release of Drupal 8? Want to polish your skills, build your Drupal résumé, and give back to the project and the community? Check out these events at DrupalCon Austin.

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How to move my block to the right side?

Hello guys,

I'm a total newbie in Drupal (and not very good in CSS). I want to put a block in the right side of my page. What the theme (Corporate Clean) offers doesn't fit my wishes. So I've tried CSS...

Here is what I get :

Here is what I'd like (block in the right side of the page) :

Drupal 8 too slow and too many js and css files in <head> section

I have installed latest dev version of Drupal 8 (Feb 15, 2014). I am using Bartik sub theme. Everything seems fine except the fact that site is too slow. I checked with Yslow, it gives just 65 point and Page Speed of google (with fire bug) gives mere 44 point .. toooooooooooo slow reminding me of old joomla 5 or drupal 5 days or even worse. When I looked at page source file of my front page (which only has two content and a few images), I was shocked to see a long list of css and javascript files attached in the section.

Suggestion To Drupal Core for new Projects (modules and Themes)

I think it would be a nice addition to ask developers to indicate if they plan to port their modules to the next version of drupal, maybe a mandatory check button or textfield where they can indicate so. The importance of this is that users get to know the implications of using certain modules which may hamper their chances of easily migrating to the next version of drupal (lets say drupal 6.x to 7.x). Also, developers get to know ahead of time if they can start developing for the next version of drupal, for modules which will not be ported.

Here are some insights on this:

compare products

I would like to make a site to compare products. It is not the intention to sell products, just compare them based on different specifications.
Can anyone tell me if this is possible with commerce? or something else?


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