Menu Bar - remove links to parent links

Can't figure out how to remove link to Parent Links on Menu Bar. The Menu Bar has pull-down menu links. However, I do not want the main Parent Link to link to a page (with it's title, when created). Thank you.

Can I have a year month archive site with Drupal


I have now this site :
I want to make it now with a year/month menu and a this layout :

Can this be easily be done with Drupal ?


Drupal Developer (filled)

This contract is now filled.

URGENT HELP requested: can I transplant new design onto already functioning drupal CMS?

I have a corporate website designed on Drupal and that uses the Drupal CMS. Very easy to use.

I contracted a new firm to redesign the website, and they are adamant on not using Drupal and changing it to their web publisher.

This new web publisher has none of the simplicity of my Drupal CMS and I absolutely need to retain my CMS because of a my high volume of daily content upload.

QUESTION: can I take my proposed redesign template and transplant it onto my current Drupal website so that I retain my CMS?

Solution using Drush and crontab and without wget

The other solutions listed are still soft crons: a long task could be broken by an Apache timeout.

Use Drush for this. Create a crontab by logging in as the correct Linux user and typing in the shell 'crontab -e' and enter the following:

0 * * * * cd ~/www/; drush @sites core-cron --yes

Notice that you may change the 'cd ~/www/' to your home folder. The current cron settings is 'once per start of an hour'. If you want to change this, look for a tutorial on crontab settings.

Future/Possible Drupal APIs

This section contains APIs that are being proposed as part of Initiatives.

THEY ARE NOT IN PRODUCTION, haven't been decided on for sure, and aren't even committed to the latest development version of Drupal. But, they still need some documentation, hence this section.

If you add child pages or sections here, please:


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