Lightbox Dilemma

Hey guys, I just hired a programmer for a new online magazine I'm starting. The site design and functionality is pretty simple and straightforward excepttt for one thing. I want the users to have the ability to view a list of articles (similar to how is set up) and when they click on an article they want to read, a lightbox appears over their current page displaying the article (which is made up of a jQuery slider and a comments section below it). Sounds simple enough, right? Not quite.

Features packages

This section covers contributed modules that provide site functionality like content types, fields, views, and more via the Features module.

Moving field(s) definitions into a separate module of a installed module.


When there is field data in place, there is a de-facto dependency of the field system as a whole on field type modules - if that module is disabled, it is has no idea what to do with the data until the module is re-enabled again (and other actions while the module is disabled, like deleting bundles or instances can complicate this too).

Core modules

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Standard Modules

Name Doc API Issues
machine nameModule description
Action Doc 8.x 8.x
actionPerform tasks on specific events triggered within the system.

Need Info For Non Profit Project

Hi all,

I volunteer for a non profit that serves low income and the homeless near Seattle. I put together their website using (please don't laugh, I'm not a dev) Go Daddy, and it's hopelessly outdated and in need of a major redo. The non profit has a lot going on in a number of different areas of service, and my goal is to have a cms where I can have a volunteer team that can add updates to their own sections and have those updates pulled into the home page.

I know just enough to have decided that Drupal would be a perfect solution if it's hosted on Drupal Gardens so I don't have to worry about the back end. I have an idea of how it works but I work full time and can't devote as much time as needed to figure out how to get it to look and layout and connect properly, and have fumbled around enough to know that I need some help!

I have plenty of design ideas and would be responsible for providing the content. The current website has over 30 pages, I'm not sure if there's a clever way to cut down on that with the right design. I'm sure with some coaching I could manage to pull some of those together myself. From what I've seen you'd probably have to start with the Garden's blank template.


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