Adding humans.txt to Drupal core

It's an initiative for knowing the people behind a website. It's a TXT file that contains information about the different people who have contributed to building the website.

More information on

Looking for a developer for a small project

We are looking for a developer to work on Drupal backend as a part of our custom theme.
Knowledge of CSS and AJAX is a plus.
Post me back please if you are interested to work on the exciting small project.


capturing visitors keywords in webforms

Hi everyone,

I have a Drupal CMS and have worked out how to add and edit form components.

I was wondering if anybody knows how I can capture the key phrase that was entered by the visitor and return it to my email address along with the other values entered in the webform?

I got as far as adding a hidden value (keyword) but don't know how to get the information.

I would also like to capture the source (Google, etc...)

I'm not sure what version of Drupal I have as it was installed by somebody else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Logo/Facebook/Other fixes

So, for full disclosure, let me start by saying I have been in the process of building a charity called The Relay Foundation for the last year or so and I have no idea how the coding process runs. If I say anything foolish or uninformed, I apologize ahead of time.

The short story is this:

We requested assistance for building our site and we were able to get the first iteration up. However, we have been yet unable to do a number of things, primarily because I was on my own after the initial launch.

is there such module for drupal for advanced search?

Is there such module for drupal for advanced search where client could choose either to write something in search box or only use radio buttons and/or drop down list and filter data?

Comparison hosting cost USA versus Europe: why so much difference?

For small scale projects, you can find affordable (shared) hosting almost anywhere.

But when it comes to VPS and Dedicated servers, I have noticed a strong pricing differences between the USA and northern European countries, especially Germany. The USA options are way more expensive, like 10-fold.

For example, looking at Acquia Developer Cloud hosting (built on Amazon USA)


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