is there such module for drupal for advanced search?

Is there such module for drupal for advanced search where client could choose either to write something in search box or only use radio buttons and/or drop down list and filter data?

Comparison hosting cost USA versus Europe: why so much difference?

For small scale projects, you can find affordable (shared) hosting almost anywhere.

But when it comes to VPS and Dedicated servers, I have noticed a strong pricing differences between the USA and northern European countries, especially Germany. The USA options are way more expensive, like 10-fold.

For example, looking at Acquia Developer Cloud hosting (built on Amazon USA)

Need to design an eCommerce site for Drupal 7.x

I am a senior web designer who try to design a theme for my own eCommerce store to sell sport goods. Once design is done, then I will hand over the theme to Drupal Developer for mock up. (feel free to recommend if you know someone is good with reasonable $)

Help with Repeating Content on Multiple Pages

I've searched the Drupal Help files with this question, but I'm not sure I'm using the correct key words.

I've been charged with converting my academic department's existing Website to Drupal. I'm running into an issue -- I find myself having to create pages that contain the same content because I can't figure out how to link multiple pages to the same content and reatain the correct navigation. A friend of mine uses an "Asset" feature in her CMS to achieve this goal, but Drupal's "Asset" module doesn't seem to do the same thing.

Change Wordpress to Drupal....!

My website have page rank 4 and the Afghanistan 16 Alexa trafic rank!!!
I love Drupal, and I love change wordpress to durpal!
can I do this work?
please help
please chek my site and say your comment
tank you

Is Drupal Hackable?

If any version of drupal hackable?
It is 100% safe?
tnk you


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