Change Wordpress to Drupal....!

My website have page rank 4 and the Afghanistan 16 Alexa trafic rank!!!
I love Drupal, and I love change wordpress to durpal!
can I do this work?
please help
please chek my site and say your comment
tank you

Is Drupal Hackable?

If any version of drupal hackable?
It is 100% safe?
tnk you

Drupal or zoomla


I'm a website developer created some projects in CMS like Joomla & WordPress, currently I'm planning to do something new; to create a site using PHP Framework.

I need to create a site like this so I just wanna know that which framework should I select which can fulfill my requirements you can just check out the list of PHP Frameworks , as I heard that this community can help in any Drupal related queries, lets hope for this also.
Any idea about zoomla ?

Thank You,

- sameer

Clone of

Hi, I'm looking for a clone of reddit via dribbble. The key functions it must have:

1. Algorithm to display what's hot and what's new.
2. Up/Down voting system for content and comments
3. Threaded comments
4. Thumbnails for image submissions and video submissions.
5. User submissions
6. Karma
7. Categories/Subreddits
8. Private messaging

Please contact me if you can do so. If you're not familiar with reddit, please register, and browse first. Thank you!

Expose "Required Field" toggles on "Manage Content Fields" admin page for Content Types

This is a feature request for core, which I may be posting in the wrong place--I've never talked to core developers for support or with suggestions. I think adding the "required" toggle to the place where content fields are displayed in an ordered list would help administrators in managing the node creation workflow: it would help ensure the process is neither too restrictive nor too loose, as well as making for easy review.

Drupal 7: Coming of Age - A Tool for Web Leaders

In the fast-paced and ever changing world of open source CMS web development exists an endemic issue of perception versus reality. Drupal 7, introduced in January nearly one year after the release of its very popular predecessor, Drupal 6, is mired in misconceptions of its readiness and reliability. D7 conjecture is often blogged, tweeted, and whispered about in office corridors. But the truth about Drupal lies with the real Web Leaders – those of us sitting in the top 20% of the trade – who have ventured into every corner of the system and emerged espousing the benefits of the seemingly unendingly amazing Drupal.

Over the last year, D7 has emerged from its infancy as a mature, robust platform. Two major revisions have stabilized the core in a production platform, and allowed module and theme contributors to be much more comfortable porting code to the new API. Other major improvements have been achieved through the migration of popular and critical third party modules into the core, as well as an improved and efficient file handling system. These updates have pushed D7 into high demand. In both the private and public sectors, particularly in the Federal web space, the adoption of the D7 CMS is astounding. runs on D7, and many of the new members of the House of Representatives are following closely behind.


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