mysql query to db_select

this is the full query

    SELECT t.*
      table AS t
    ( SELECT title, MAX(last_sent) AS maxts
      FROM table
      GROUP BY title
    ) AS grp
    ON grp.title = t.title
    AND grp.maxts = t.last_sent
    LEFT OUTER JOIN table_l list ON t.title = list.title

I try to convert it to db_select since i need to use pager and order by on my table.

i want to do something like this:

[Philosophical] People asking for a free Drupal site because they have an "idea"

I want to have a "philosophical" discussion about something that frustrates me.

Why do so many people post on, asking for "us developers" to build them a website because they have an "idea", but no budget or any other advantage to bring to the table. I think it is a disease of our modern society where people think like "I have a great idea, but no money, please build me a free site and I'll give you a good reference IF the work is done right." Absurd, as if developers never have good site ideas and "idea people" should make millions of free/cheap developer labor.

Something is wrong here. Let's call it the "Winklevoss-mentality" after the Winklevoss brothers who sued Facebook's Zuckerberg for stealing "their idea". This is a kind of mentality that actually inhibits innovation.

There's a few ways to to innovate:

- you have an idea -> learn the skills an d build it yourself;
- you have an idea -> hire a well-paid developer team;

In contrast to the Winklevoss mentality:

- we have an idea, then someone else built it-> go to court

To my honest opinion "ideas" have zero value. All ideas should be "open source".

To categorize uploaded images

I am working on a drupal project and i need to categorize uploaded images in folder. By default images is uploaded in public or private folder but rather this I want to upload images in folders like: [public]/year/month/[image name]. I need to do one more thing in this that images should be renamed as year_month_ID.jpg.

Please provide me some code to do this.

Thanks in advance

Announcing free drupal video tutorials site is an community effort to help Drupal beginners to learn Drupal online.

It also tries to help drupalites from all over the world to share and communicate among themselves in a way suggests for DrupalCamp but in an online mode.

It also tries to help people interested in Drupal to share their ideas with others who are unable to taste the fun of DrupalCamp in any way.

We welcome all who love Drupal and want to be part of this great community.

Backwards compatibility [Wishlist, not initiative]

I know that this topic was discussed before, and not once. Yet if I would raise core initiative, it will be about backwards compatibility.
We love Drupal for the cool new stuff. Regretfully, this cool new stuff automatically marks old stuff, which we believed to be cool just yesterday, as outdated. This happens again and again, and there are already signs that Drupal 8 will not be an exception.
I fully understand that there are serious reasons for making changes in core that are not compatible with existing code. From the other hand, what's the use in brand new shining core, packed with blows and whistles, if it is not supported by contrib?
The wider adoption of Drupal will go, the worse the compatibility problem will become. Need to rewrite own custom code every 3 years or so can kill the small company, and force enterprise to choose more "stable" platform.
The question is, is it possible to innovate, but allow existing code to run even in the new environment?
If it is possible to have in D8 core optional compatibility layer, which will allow D7 modules to work as if they are in D7 core? For sites built from scratch for D8, this will not have any overhead, but make upgrade path much smoother.

Converting to Drupal

I'm trying to convert my sites and to drupal. Is that possible?


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