Backwards compatibility [Wishlist, not initiative]

I know that this topic was discussed before, and not once. Yet if I would raise core initiative, it will be about backwards compatibility.
We love Drupal for the cool new stuff. Regretfully, this cool new stuff automatically marks old stuff, which we believed to be cool just yesterday, as outdated. This happens again and again, and there are already signs that Drupal 8 will not be an exception.
I fully understand that there are serious reasons for making changes in core that are not compatible with existing code. From the other hand, what's the use in brand new shining core, packed with blows and whistles, if it is not supported by contrib?
The wider adoption of Drupal will go, the worse the compatibility problem will become. Need to rewrite own custom code every 3 years or so can kill the small company, and force enterprise to choose more "stable" platform.
The question is, is it possible to innovate, but allow existing code to run even in the new environment?
If it is possible to have in D8 core optional compatibility layer, which will allow D7 modules to work as if they are in D7 core? For sites built from scratch for D8, this will not have any overhead, but make upgrade path much smoother.

Converting to Drupal

I'm trying to convert my sites and to drupal. Is that possible?

Midwestern Mac, LLC

Midwestern Mac, LLC, is a Drupal development and consulting company in St. Louis, MO. Midwestern Mac is owned by Jeff Geerling (geerlingguy), and works with many Drupal developers on a variety of smaller projects and modules.

Midwestern Mac offers low-cost Hosted Apache Solr Search for Drupal, and web design and development consulting services.


Midwestern Mac has contributed many themes and modules for Drupal, including:

Midwestern Mac also contributes many hours of testing, writing patches, and documenting hundreds of Drupal modules and Drupal core.

More Information


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Ignite Drupal - Drupal with embedded CodeIgniter

Drupal Module: ignite_drupal

Download Version 1.0 from

WARNING: You must have a bit of CodeIgniter and MVC/OOP knowledge to be able to read the following

Ever since I was literally forced to work with drupal, I have always wondered about the following:

  1. What if I would be able to call CI controllers directly from my drupal functions/hooks, etc.
  2. What if I would be able to load anything I want into drupal and everything that's in the CI autoload automatically ?
  3. What if I would not change anything to the CI core so that CI may be uupdated at all times ?
  4. What if I would be able to call any Drupal API function inside my CI controllers ? Any Drupal function.
  5. What if I would be able to manage URI routing using both CI and Drupal.
  6. What if I would be able to setup a Drupal hook_menu() item, and that menu item's path would automagically call one of my CI controllers/method ?

Now all that, and more in this simple drupal module (see attachment)

How to use it ?

Step 1: Installing the drupal module.

    Looking for a Drupal Template

    I want to set up a website where users will submit their websites so that other users can review and rate them. When a user submits a website with all the required information, that entry will go into pending status as the site admin needs to approve it before it appeears on the site. Also the backend should automatically create a website thumbnail based on the URL user has submited. On the front end, you will be able to see categorised listings, tags, featured listings etc.

    Is there any Drupal template available that I can use out of the box for this site?


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