Core office hours

Note, April 2012: For information and updates on core office hours, see the handbook page on Core contribution mentoring.

Drupal core needs more eyes and more contributors to decrease the very high amount of unresolved issues.

We hold core "office hours" each week in #drupal on freenode.

Why office hours?

There are currently a large number of unresolved issues in the core queue, and we want to get more organised dealing with the backlog, and encourage new people to help out.

Current numbers:

Feature Request - Drupal 8

Pretty happy with the stability of 7.7, but I'd like a 1-click "unpublish" in the column next to edit please so I don't need to go to the actual page.

Other than that not bad but too, it would be nice to be able to omit blocks from showing on certain pages without having to get technical.

Post new content to other than front page?

Sup all, I just installed this and I've been tinkering with it, I noticed I can use a URL alias to send the content to say node/2 and untick the promote to front page, and it does what I want, but is there a way to make it default to node/2 and default to not promoting to front page?

I want it so I can click, create new content, article, (type it all out) and when finished it just puts it on node/2 for me. but I still want the front page to load whatever I post to it separate.

can it be done? I think it can!!! !

using Java, coldfusion or flash

Hi everyone,
I wanted to know if I can use Java(jsp) or coldfusion, or even possible Flash within a web page created with Drupal.

I want to use these programming languages to add applications or content within a page created with Drupal. I do not want to insert a link on a drupal page which will lead me to a Flash page, or a JSP page, or a cold fusion page. I hope I explained this clearly.


[Suggestion] Drupal distribution choice on install

Good Evening,

I've have a suggestion/feature-request for Drupal 6, 7 and 8.

When I install distributed, for instance: Drupal-COD or OpenAtrium, I am given a choice—via radio-button—between Drupal and the distribution of Drupal-COD ⊕ OpenAtrium.

Separate theme settings for site and admin area on user profile (account) (and media library)

Hey everybody,

I am searching for a way to get the following user case to work:
Got me a bunch of users, moderators and admins.
They all have some style they like, some of them like to work on a white page, some of them want to work on a dark page. so we need 2 themes for all users. this kinda works, people can switch to another theme for all the stuff they do on the site. but they can not change the admin theme from their account. also, changing the media library module theme isnt possible from a users account.


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