Leading Systems Integrator recruiting Drupal Team for London, UK


We are looking to recruit 1x Drupal Tech Lead and 2x Drupal Developers to join our team due to incredible growth: Full details and how to apply: http://www.zaizi.com/careers/openings/technical-drupal-lead.

Immediate start to work on Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 high performance sites for Dynamic Semantic publishing solutions and HTML5 mobile apps.


Is anyone still working on Drupal 8?

Based on "This week in Drupal core", last updated nearly a month ago, I suppose the answer is no.

One Million Drupal Sites

It’s official! According to the Drupal.org project usage stats, Drupal has more than a million sites (1,005,489 as of February 15) live and in production on the web.

This number under-reports reality, because the project usage stats don’t count *all* Drupal sites on the web. For more information on how project usage stats are counted, visit the usage statistics page.

How to Write a Drupal 8 Installation Profile

This article is being written based on the Spark distribution.

Installation profiles are like modules

All installation profiles must have:

  1. profilename.info.yml
  2. profilename.profile

files, and they can also have a profilename.install file.

The profilename.profile file has access to almost everything a normal Drupal modulename.module file does because Drupal is fully bootstrapped before almost anything in the profile runs. The primary exception is that st() should generally be used to translate strings instead of the usual t() because the localization hasn't been set up until the installation process completes. Profile files should reside in their own directory within the /profiles directory to be loaded.

.info.yml file

The profilename.info.yml file should look similar to this:

Creating CentOS VM for Drupal development

The purpose of this topic is to cover the useful linux commands in creating VM for Drupal development. I am not linux expert so I can understand the pain of newbees into linux world.

Download Oracle VM box from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

Follow the instructions in Oracle VM box I am not covering it here as instructions are simple to understand.


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