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Upgrading to 7.27 problems

Hi, I just upgraded Drupal core to 7.27 through my host control panel, but as I was upgrading it didn't go through the complete process. However, when I went back to my site, it showed it had been updated to 7.27 successfully and no errors showed anywhere.

Does this mean it has actually upgraded properly?

The reason I ask this is because my ckeditor hasn't worked properly on my add-content page since the upgrade.

As my host no longer shows the upgrade script (because it has been used), is there another way I can try upgrading again, from my site perhaps?

View with node counts per user

Hi, I would like to make a view that shows the amount of nodes that have been flagged by a certain user. I tried to add the relationship: "Flags: User flag counter", but then I get the message that a "flag field is required". Am I on the right track here and how can I add this flag field? Or need I add another relationship or contextual filter for this? Many thanks....!

displaying DB rows in a form

Hello all,
In my module I read the USERS table of the D7 database.
I need to display the fields nicely on my form.
I can't get the theme('table', $header, $rows) thing to work and believe me, I did search!
I'm looking for a simple example of how to implement the theme('table', $header, $rows) function.
Here is my code :

Registration pop up for new guest users

I have a drupal 7 site.

I have users that are coming to many pages of my site (not only home page) from different sources on the internet.

My goal is that when a guest user is entering the site, no matter which page, he will get nice popup that will offer him to register to the site. On the popup, I will write short text explaining the benefits of the site, even put a video (if possible).

I saw that in many sites, I get a popup message on top on the site (the rest of the site becomes dark) that offer me to register. I want to do something similar.


Hey guys,
I'm doing my first online shop in Drupal and I have problems with variations. To the problem comes when I want to add a new product and you need to add variations one by one which I find long-term. In my case I will sell T-shirts which will have all the same price, regardless of color or size of t-shirt. Is there way to speed up this process of adding items?

For all the help and advice I thank in advance

Product filtering - faceted search or exposed?


I'm in search for finding the best solution for adding "faceted-style" filters for existing website with Drupal Commerce.

Current website has product categories on the left and products for that specific category on the right. (simple View page which lists products)
That image describes it well (just don't look that color filter): http://goo.gl/X5qwsP

Products in different categories have different fields - some products have the size field, some don't have it.


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