Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Drupal Images

I am using TinyMCE with IMCE and the IMCE Bridge to give content creators a way to add images to their posts. The image WYSIWYG insert icon works, and everything looks good in the WYSIWYG block. But, once the user hits save, and views their live post, the image reverts to its original formatting. Anyone have any ideas on what is happening here? Is there something I need to switch on somewhere or...?

Importing CSV from Google Adwords

I'm trying to configure the KW Research Module. I'm trying to import the keywords from Google Adwords and I go this error "File does not match proper format." I notice this issue was report it already in this post. Anyone try to figure out how to import properly the CSV file from Adwords ? Theres is another way for me to import this CSV ?

Report compare a list of addresses to a known list to find those missing

I am wondering if I can do this in views, but open to any other method. I want to find which addresses are missing from my subscribers. So I can create a table with all the existing addresses and then compare all the addresses in my user database to find those missing. In other words, I have a list of 100 possible addresses. I compare the 75 who have signed up to that list and get a report of the 25 people who have not signed up. Thanks!

D7 - Views SlideShow : from Cycle (working) to Galleria (not working)


The SlideShow View I created, using images of two different Gallery Pages, works when format / slideshow / parameters is using "Cycle" slideshow type, and not "Galleria".

I don't find/understand why ?

Modules and plugin uploaded :

Views 7.x-3.7 -->modules
Views Slideshow 7.x-3.1 -->modules
Views Slideshow: Cycle 7.x-3.1 -->modules
Views Slideshow: Galleria 7.x-3.2 -->modules
Galleria 1.3.5 --> sites/all/libraries/galleria/galleria-1.3.5.js ... et caetera

Drupal 6 - Comments and Statistics Disabled - Still Populating node_comment_statistics Table

I have an older D6 site. I'm trying to trim up the database size. One table that's rather large is the node_comment_statistics. I have both comments and statistics disabled on my site. I've "uninstalled" all modules from the uninstall screen. It's been this way for years. Yet for every node created I also get an entry in this table.

Is that normal? Is there any way to prevent this? Working with D6 is no fun.

Articles not posting to front page?

For some reason, even though an article is designated to post to the front page and is published, it doesn't show up on the front page. Or anywhere for that matter. Is there something basic that I am just missing here? The tuts I have found seem to make it super simple, but I can only seem to get a basic page to show up on the front page, and when I disable that, rather than the article (which was published afterwards) still doesn't show up and instead I get an "authorized to view this page" error. Thanks in advance for any help...


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