Fix for broken ZIP archives with WAMP

If your ZIP archive are broken under WAMP

Here is the solution found by greywolfsspirit :
Apparently, there is a bug in the php_zip.dll in php 5.2.8.. Just for the hell of it, I installed php 5.2.11 and guess what.. it works.. go figure..

So, apparently, php 5.2.8 has some broken dll files (found info that some xml routines were screwed up when using rss feeds with it as well).

So, if anyone else experiences these issues, running under WAMPserver 2, they need to go to the wampserver website, and download the php 5.2.11 addon package.


FileBrowser module


The FileBrowser module displays contents of a given directory as a node on your drupal site.The node will display a list of the files and folders the same way it is listed on the server. Folder and files can be up- and downloaded by users with proper permissions. The module provides all sorts of permissions. Node settings can be such that certain files types are excluded from display and/or transfer.

Use case

One of the most obvious use cases for the FileBrowser module is a file sharing functionality. @ Movers and Packers Bangalore

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Panopoly contrib modules

The following is a non-exhaustive list of contrib modules built for Panopoly.

Panopoly Config

Build custom configuration pages for your Panopoly distributions.

Panopoly Event

Panopoly Event provides events, and event registration with various customizations for Panopoly-based sites.

Bootstrap Library

Bootstrap Library loads via libraries the Bootstrap files installed on /sites/all/libraries/bootstrap, regardless of the theme you are using. It does nothing else.

When using Bootstrap themes is particularly helpful to:


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