Specefic CSS for different node display

I choosed drupal to make a small application that allow me to insert people data and print a 3 differents types of vouchers, one for the person, one for me and the last as an archive.
To create a different type of node displays i used the Display Suite module .
The problem is that i want to theme those differents display by adding custom headers and static text on the header and the footer to print it later.

Is there any way to do that? custom module?contribution module?
Thank you

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Panels 3: How to use variants and views to create node displays. (D7)

You can view your nodes in a custom layout using Panels without having to edit a node template file or use modules such as Content template.

The following example will create a product-page, displaying some of the products content-fields.

Using Panels we will build the node to display in node column.

Requirements for this example

I will asume you have an understanding of the following 3 modules:


  • Create a new node type called Product.
    Create Product Type
  • Add the following fields:
  • Product-Image: Use one of the various CCK image field widgets.
    Product Type fIelds
  • Create an Imagecache preset to show the product-thumbnail in a suitable size.
  • Now create some Product content.

Creating a view to display product-fields

  • Create a View that will show node-items.
    Create View
  • Add Field "Product Image".
  • Add Filter-Criteria "Content: Type(=Product)"

Google Books Module and API Usage

Google Books Module

Author: Darrell Ulm

The Google Books module is a filter and a Google Books API that allows a user to insert rich Google book data into nodes via filters.

Imagecache Profiles

Imagecache Profiles module allows you to set user profile pictures that are consistent throughout your site and allows avatars on the user profile pages to be a different size. The module also allows for style definitions to be defined for images used in Comments and Nodes.

The standard Image styles in Drupal 7 core are; thumbnail, medium and large. If a different Image style is desired, it can be created.

Part 1. Create a new Image style to use with ImageCache Profiles.

Here is an example of how to create a new Image style, your settings can vary.

Specify how fields are displayed

These steps outline how to alter the way Drupal 7 renders fields to HTML. Changing the order can satisfy requirements you have for how your content is displayed. It can also make styling the content with CSS much simpler and more direct.

Default display

Working with content types and fields (Drupal 7 and later)

In Drupal, a Content Type is a pre-defined collection of data types (Fields) which relate to each other by an informational context. In this sense, "context" means "parts that should be considered as a correlated whole."

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