Creating a panel with tabbed content

I searched everywhere to re-find the original advice I received for creating a panel with tabs along the top to give access to a series of views. I was not successful so decided to create this page to help others unable to do this.
There are other modules that do this
Panel Tabs
But I only found out about these afterwards

Getting the Sum of a Field

After 3 days of head-banging, I thought I would share this info to save you the excruciating headache.

These are the steps for getting the sum of a field from your node. You're going to need VBO(Views Bulk Operations), Views, and Rules.

Step 1

Create a new view of Content and select your content type. No need to create a page or a tab(unless you really want to).

Step 2

Add the views fields and filters that you want.

Step 3

Create a Content:Views Bulk Operation(leave the defaults in).

Step 4

After updating a View get a huge page of code

I am using Views for term reference entity, whenever I update my View, I get a huge page of code, which I have to click back and then refresh to see the changes. Why is this happening? Here is some of the code that comes up:

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div or img link to content in views

I want to create clickable thumbnails on a homepage. They should link to their content.
So there is a content type and every instance of this content type has an image "thumbnail". I have a view that displays my thumbnails...

I can't figure out how to make either an image or a div in views link to the content.

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User Relationships how to show who its viewable by in posts

Drupal 7.x

In regards to: User Relationship Module and User Relationships Node Access Module.

I have the user Relationship Module installed and the extra addon module that it comes with "User Relationships Node Access Module" which states in the module list "Provides per node access control based on relationship to author".

need support, trying to implement ajax in a view

Hi, this is what im trying to do:

I made an inventory management, that was easy, I just did the content type product with its respective fields of cuantity, and others.
In a view I did 2 tables the normal stock and the critic stock, where I show the name of the product, the quantity and 2 buttons for each product, the button (+) and the button (-) those buttons are for add or remove products of the stock, you understand, this is an example

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