Add a field to a content type

  1. Navigate to the Content types page (Administer > Structure > Content types).
  2. In the table, locate the row that contains your content type and click the manage fields link.
  3. Adding a new field

  4. In the Add new field section, enter a label for the field.
  5. In the Field name field, enter the machine name for the field. You can only use numbers, lower-case letters and the underscore character (_).
  6. In the field type list, select one of the following types:
    • Boolean
    • Decimal
    • File
    • Float
    • Image
    • Integer
    • List
    • List (numeric)
    • List (text)
    • Long text
    • Long text and summary
    • Term reference
    • Text
  7. Select Field

  8. In the Widget field, select a widget. The options vary depending on the field type.
  9. Select Widget type

  10. Click Save.

Working with content types and fields (Drupal 7 and later)

In Drupal, a Content Type is a pre-defined collection of data types (Fields) which relate to each other by an informational context. In this sense, "context" means "parts that should be considered as a correlated whole."

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