Taxonomy Tools

A package of taxonomy management tools.

  • Taxonomy Publisher
  • Taxonomy Publisher Filter
  • Taxonomy Role Access
  • Taxonomy Redirect
  • Taxonomy Copier

Icons taken from "Crystal" and "Oxygen".

Taxonomy Tools controls global access to taxonomy terms depending on the settings provided by the enabled taxonomy management tools. Also implements node access system to control access for nodes that are associated with taxonomy terms.
Taxonomy tools provides an overview page which provides a summary for vocabularies that use any of the tools included in this module.

Taxonomy Publisher

Adds status "Published" to taxonomy terms and also provides scheduled (un)publishing of taxonomy terms.
The scheduler part is based on code from Scheduler module.
For date mainpulations used datejs library.

Taxonomy Publisher Filter

This module allows you to limit the taxonomy terms listed in a term reference form element or in a views exposed filter.
The current version supports select, checkbox/radio and autocomplete widgets for term reference fields.

Drupal 8 Updates and How to Help

Want help getting started in D8? Maybe you should check out Core contribution mentoring?

For information on setting up a development environment with git to make or test patches, see the Setting up a dev environment document. We work off of the git 8.x branch. The Drupal project page, version control tab has the command to do a git clone of 8.x. If you have trouble getting Drupal 8 installed, or getting tests to pass locally for Drupal 8 head, see issues tagged d8 dev environment and open issues with that tag for any trouble getting set up.

Planned timeline

We're currently working our way toward "when it's done" by attacking critical bugs and tasks. Here's how that's going:

More information on the Drupal 8 schedule.

Official Initiatives

You can read more about the Official Initiatives that added many awesome features to Drupal 8.

Status functions

The Subs Status API includes the following functions to easily check or change a subscription's status:


* Returns whether a subscription is in force (valid).
* Active and grace period subscriptions are considered to be in force.
* @param $subscription
*   The subscription object we want to check whether is still in force.
* @return boolean
*   Returns a boolean indicating whether the subscription is active.
function subs_in_force(Subs $subscription) {
$subscription->status == SUBS_ACTIVE || $subscription->status == SUBS_GRACE;

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* Changes a subscription to pending status.
* @param Subs
* The $subscription object we want to make pending.
* @return boolean

Bulk Enable Revisions for all Node Types

This is a utility function which cleans up the variable table, removing entries for node types which no longer exist, and then goes on to set all node types to have revisioning enabled. This code also has a line which disables the default of new nodes to be not Promoted to Front Page , although it is currently commented out. It displays information about what it has done. The first line, a comment, can be used in phpMyAdmin to show what the current settings are for each content type. It is my hope that someday this code might be used as a start for building a full blown module that shows and allows easy editing, and bulk modifications of all settings for all CCK/node types on a site.

function bulk_enable_cck_revisions() {

// select * from variable WHERE name LIKE 'node_options%' # sql to show status of all cck types, use this in phpMyAdmin or similar tool

// first, clean up any old data in the variable table that's not needed any longer.
$result = db_query("select name from variable WHERE name LIKE 'node_options%'"); # quick sql to show status of all cck types
while($name = db_result($result)){
$type = substr($name,13);
$count = db_result(db_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM node_type WHERE type = '%s'", $type));
if($count == 0){
drupal_set_message("$type no longer exists. Deleting node_option_$type from variable table");

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