Getting Started with COD on Drupal 7

There have been many changes to COD in Drupal 7 and a lack of a centralized source of install instructions.
This documentation will show how to get a COD site working in Drupal 7.

In an effort to not overlap documentation, I'm going to add the steps I'm finding are necessary to install COD D7 here:

Drupal 7 - Displaying pre-formatted text & code on your site - HowTo

Display text characters including code, blank spaces, and line-breaks in a pre-formatted fashion on your Drupal 7 site

[Please insert answer here. (*) CSS and HTML code editing instructions welcome. JavaScript and/or PHP code instructions are welcomed if my quest is Not possible strictly using HTML/CSS]

This page is intended as a consolidation of this issue as being discussed is at the forum page



Confirm Session

After session creation by users and after vote and approved session you need to ask every user with session to confirm his session


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