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Cloud hosting (digital ocean) vs managed hosting

Currently have website hosted on cheap web hosting during development, it is as expected slow. Launching new site soon and expect a pickup in traffic.

Got a package at Digital Ocean and told my drupal developer to use it. He responds that we should go with a managed hosting because with cloud we'll have a lot of work to do to set up the server and and maintain it. He also says if we go with a cloud solution we'll have to hire an administrator to handle the server.

404 message using www.domain.com

I have used Drupal 6 for several years. Just this past week I have had many users inform me that they are getting a 404 error. Trouble shooting indicated that this problem is occurring all of a sudden with the logging in using www.domain.com instead of domain.com.
How can I fix this and why is this all of a sudden an issue. Host provider is Godaddy.
Thanks in advance.

Stay Away from Green Geeks Hosting

I am a web developer who was looking for a good host to place client websites on Shared Hosting and Virtual Private server packages.

I have profiled a LOT of hosts over the years and have experienced all kinds of service levels and issues related to hosting. My experience goes far beyond just a user with a site and includes everything fro Shell access, MySQL management, INI file edits, and log troubleshooting.

My point is I am not a spring chicken when it comes to using hosting and knowing about their services.

Is Hostgator Crappy for Drupal Hosting ?

On Hostgator I frequently encountered

1.) Error 500 due to 25 processes limit especially during updating Drupal modules or in the admin session. They blamed me for using IMAP for email connections.

2.) Later PHP execution time out as their server takes more than 30 seconds in running the update script. Also, they don't allow execution time longer than 30 seconds. They blamed the drupal update script taking such a long time.

In conclusion, is Hostgator crappy for drupal hosting ? They dragged this issue for more than 6 months without any solutions.


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