Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Problem with create dynamic table

Hi can someone help me with my problem, I need table with dynamic rows, this table will be simple nod but I cant understand how to create it, I try Field Collection but not work. For example I make image where we have button Add city after that in table appear filed for new city in both places for order Box and Barrel hope your understand what I want )) Only local images are allowed.

I think Drupal is easy to use website

Hi, My name Is pham vansu
i am working out a website marketing
I started using drupal 1 months ago
I live in hochiminh City, vietnam.
i think i will be needing some helpful tips from the others here
I install drupal 7 Quiz Dependency for but not used. Can you help me with.

Transferring blog posts from Drupal to Weebly

I'm creating a new website using Weebly, but wish to transfer blog posts from my Drupal site to the Weebly site. I think my Drupal Version is 6.28.

Is this possible? If so, can someone let me know how? Thank you!

Can't access Migrate pane - get "unexpected error" with no explanation - possibly "stuck" old settings

Hello everyone :)

I'm trying to migrate an old phpbb database to a Drupal environment. The test migrations have worked fine, so I went on to a more recent snapshot of the production database to test it there.

After having installed Migrate including Migrate UI and phpbb2drupal, enabling access to them and setting up phpbb2drupal, I tried to go to the Migrate pane under Content in order to start the migration - and I'm greeted with an error page.

Error message

Term synonym in add term

in drupal 6 there is a filed in add term in taxonomy voice where i can insert a synonym, in D7 there is no more, i have following this patch but this give me a issue in line
$form['advanced']['synonyms'] = array(
'#type' => 'textarea',
'#title' => t('Synonyms'),
'#default_value' => implode("\n", taxonomy_get_synonyms($edit['tid'])), ----->here


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