Step 1: Download and extract Drupal

Drupal is available in two supported versions (the most recent and the previous). The "recommended release" is the latest stable release of that version. To learn more about versions, see the Drupal version information page.

If you would like to create a Drupal site in a language other than English, information about Drupal translations is available at

Downloading Drupal

Before you begin, log into your server and navigate to the directory from which you will be serving your Drupal site. On many *nix computers the path from the server's root will be /var/www/html, so cd /var/www/html. On a shared server, or a server that hosts multiple domains, the path will be different (try cd ~/www or cd ~/public_html). If you are unsure of the directory, ask your hosting provider for assistance.

Download Drupal using any download utility, the two most popular of which are wget and curl. Not every computer has both. The commands are, respectively:



curl -O
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