Google, Wordpress and Drupal

We have a real estate agency in Sao Paulo,, entirely digital. The site is a wordpress blog and we want to revert to Drupal, but we dont want to loose the content. Is that possible? And how the Google will understand this in the organic search?

We need some tips ...




User profile fields error

Hi there,

My live websites which are drupal 4.5 can't be edited user profile fields. it doesn't show nor editable.

Please help to guide me for the solutions.


How do I stop recieving forum updates?

I haven't used Drupal in many years, yet I continue to get forum post updates that have no link to unsubscribe, and no clear, obvious way even when I log in and go to that forums post. When I go to "Notifications" it doesn't show me as being set up for any, yet I've received hundreds of emails.

Yes, I've Googled it. The only post I found was this:

...which is unresolved.

I just want to not receive any more emails from How do I make this possible?


How to check your approved translations.

Hello friends,

I am contributing drupal by doing marathi translation of few drupal keywords.

Can anybody please tell me how to check whether the translation made by you is approved or not? And within how many days does it get approved?

block forum

I am not a programmer. I no longer use the forum module of my website, but a spambot certainly is trying to get in. Being tired of receiving sometimes 100 bogus emails/day for the past few years, I would like to block all access to the forum module by disengaging it entirely, if this is possible. please help!


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