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Hi everybody, I am new to drupal; i want your help for making a form in drupal 7 with the following tasks:
1. user1 brows the intranet website, after filling the form and submitting it, admin1 approves the pendding request
2. after the request is approved by admin1, administrator is going to notify by a message.

your contribution in this issue is highly appreciated.

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iframe with login not login properly


I have an iframe that logs into another website with user credentials.

The iframe in Drupal has src="http://theTargetWebsite.asp?user=theuser&password=thepassword".

Sometimes, depending on which browser I use, I get to login properly but sometimes it fails to login.

Is the src command above with the "&" the proper way to script in the Drupal Editor OR should I use "& amp ;" instead of the "&"?

Or is this a completely different issue?

List of States in Nigeria for forms

FCT, Abuja | FCT, Abuja
Anambra | Anambra
Enugu | Enugu
Akwa Ibom | Akwa Ibom
Adamawa | Adamawa
Abia | Abia
Bauchi | Bauchi
Bayelsa | Bayelsa
Benue | Benue
Borno | Borno
Cross River | Cross River
Delta | Delta
Ebonyi | Ebonyi
Edo | Edo
Ekiti | Ekiti
Gombe | Gombe
Imo | Imo
Jigawa | Jigawa
Kaduna | Kaduna
Kano | Kano
Katsina | Kastina
Kebbi | Kebbi
Kogi | Kogi

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