The Drupal shell. See

Drush cache bins

This Drush plugin exposes the rest of Drupal core's cache bins to be used with $ drush cache-clear.

This is not a module. It's a Drush plugin.


$ drush dl drush_cache_bins


$ drush cc page
$ drush cc form


  • This single plugin works for both 6.x and 7.x. Inspite of what the download says.



Idea : This module will address the performance needs of the Drupal site by analyzing various performance aspects of the site and provide the detailed performance report.

Tool will have following features


A Sandbox Project for drush_deploy which features a bugfix to make it work better

Deployment Manager

This module is focused on deployment of drupal instances using tags. You can deploy using github repo
from any branches and tag it per deployment. If deployment status is not ok you can roll back to any previous tags.

These are some of the features of this module:

Example 1
drush dtag v.7.26-1.0

Example 2
drush rt v.7.26-1.0

Example 3
drush release-tag v.7.26-1.0

drush_deployment development is a sponsored by X-Team. For more information about x-team, see


Drush Typeinfo

Get information about entity bundles and their fields.



drush dl typeinfo

Git installation


Commerce Drush

Commerce Drush, the Drupal Shell interface, allows you to execute Commerce operations from the command line.

It provides the following commands:

  • commerce-order-add (coa)
  • commerce-order-pay (cop)
  • generate-customer-profiles (gencp)

Run "drush help " to see supported command line options and arguments.
Or see some examples at:



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