The Credly module allows integration between your Drupal site and the Credly Open Credit API — a platform for creating, giving and earning credit digital badges.


This module currently:

  • Provides a tab on user accounts for awarding your organization's badges.
  • Displays earned badges on user profiles.




This module integrate GetKudos to your drupal site installation.

GetKudos is a business tool for collecting and displaying customer reviews and testimonials, optimized for authenticity in today's age of social media. We aim for a fuss-free solution without you requiring engineering help.


This module provide two GetKudos widget — floating and inline.


Visitors Voice

This module will provide integration with the great Visitors Voice service which helps analyze users' interaction with a site's search.



Idea : This module will address the performance needs of the Drupal site by analyzing various performance aspects of the site and provide the detailed performance report.

Tool will have following features

Personalize Google Analytics Integration

This module provides integration of the Personalize module with Google Analytics. Once enabled, decisions about which variation has been shown to a visitor will be passed to Google Analytics as a custom event. Then segments can be defined in GA based on these events, and all of the traffic in reports can be segmented based on those decisions.


World Weather Block

Block module to display local weather for location set by site.


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