UserVoice Deep Integration

Custom Gadgets and Account Traits


This module provides deep integration with the UserVoice feedback and online help desk service for widget placement, single sign on authentication, custom gadgets, and more.

Maintenance and development is sponsored by UserVoice.


This module allows you to:


Disqus Inline

Disqus Inline allows website audience to put comment dynamically and attach to the specific sections (paragraph, usually, but not necessarily) of the page. These comments threads are created with the power of Disqus.

This module exists thanks to the generous support of Axelerant

Date Timeslots

Integrates with FullCalendar jQuery plugin to provide field widget for Date module.
User can select available time slots during creation of the entity.

Haiku Learning

Integration for Haiku (www.haikulearning.com)

Development to this project is sponsored by LightSky

Integration with microsharing 4qu.co service

One click to share highlighting text, image or page by 80 + social services (space for 1.8 billion people)

How to attract traffic, users of social networking, hits on your site, blog or forum? Very simple - you need to write a beautiful post to your group or feed!
Actually better to everyone who comes to your site will be able write a beautiful post in their groups and feed. How is that possible?

Very simple. We offer for you micro sharing. Using widget on the site, users can send a piece of text, images or even video in social networks. The more users will do it, the more users will see the post in social networks, the more people will come to your site, blog or forum.
Many social networks offer to put their social button. But it is not as effective as micro sharing with service 4qu.co
When the user clicks "Like" sent the same titles, the same image and the same description.
From widget micro sharing all messages in social networks are individual, because every share only that it seemed really important.
Thus the number of posts with links to your website in social networks is growing exponentially, and you get free traffic!
Put a widget for micro sharing and increase the profits of your project!



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