Drupal RabbitMQ Block

Provides a block which instantly relays messages from a Rabbit MQ queue.


Leverages Elasticsearch to provide extended search functionality for Drupal.

To Install

First, you'll need a working install of Elasticsearch on your server. The module currently only allows local installs, although that is the subject of an open feature request, and should be fixed soon.


UserBallot logo

The UserBallot module helps you add UserBallot user feedback to a Drupal site. UserBallot is a simple decision support tool that allows online businesses to collect directional feedback from their site visitors and use it to make better business decisions. Installing UserBallot on your site will allow you to easily deploy yes or no questions to your site visitors and immediately start seeing the results of their feedback.


Integrate product data on your site that is managed in Salsify.

Sponsoring Organizations

Double Prime
The Salsify module is a contribution to the community by Double Prime, Inc. with
cooperation from the creators of Salsify.

FedEx Address Validation

This module provides an addressfield plugin to validate an address using the Fedex address validation service. It depends on the new flood_sem module which provides protection against a DDoS attack using the address verification service.

In addition to the normal Drupal installation steps you will need to:


SMSPM SMS gateway

smspm.com provides bulk SMS services worldwide.

This module provides integration between the SMSPM service and the SMS framework project.



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