Python Services API

This project is out of date, and hasn't kept up with progress in the Services module. Seeking co-maintainers or other contributions.

A set of classes and and tests that Python developers can use as a basis for integration with the Services module.

Currently, features are fairly slim, but more will be added over the coming weeks. Contributions more than welcome!



Queries the api to get the country / state information based on the user's ip or specific ip passed to it.

By default, it shows the Country/State information on the user profile page. You can show / hide this information thorugh the setting from Admin->Configuration->Hostip Settings page.

It saves the Country/State information in session variable, hostip_data, to improve the performance. This way call will be made once for a given user.


Yahoo Search BOSS

The yboss module integrates Yahoo's Build your Own Search Service (BOSS) platform.

This module is still in development feature-wise but should be functional. It integrates with the core search module and also provides an API for submitting search queries.

PHP 5 is required.


LDAP Directory

Screen Shot

This Module provides an "Address book" feature. It searches an LDAP server for records and allow people to view the returned set. My company use it as a Company Directory. It is badly in need of some good Documentation and like everything dealing with ldap it is really hard to setup and get working.

This tool requires the ldap_integration module.



Daylife Integration for Drupal. This module provides a content aggregator for Daylife. It allows administrators and users to define 'Daylife Feeds' and import content from Daylife. The module provides views and token integration.


Weather Underground

Wunderground Current Weather

Retrieves and displays weather information from Weather Underground (

Supports weather retrieval from PWS (Personal Weather Stations) listed on Weather Underground.

Also now supports weather from airports, simply use the airport identifier in the station ID field.



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