Entity Recur

Heavily inspired by the Node recur project, but with a more generic approach so it works for all entities.



Sandbox project. Autosize js for textfields.

Blocks Placer

Allows for assignment of Bean blocks to a theme’s standard Drupal block regions, per page, with a user-friendly interface in the context of the node edit page.


Content Type Categories

Provides a way to categorize and organize your content types on the Add Content (node/add) screen.

Replicate paragraphs

Replicate Paragraphs Extends Replicate module to manage the cloning of paragraphs_item entities and fields.

When you clone an entity (node, taxonomy term, ...) containing a paragraphs reference, the paragraphs items are not duplicated, and the cloned entity still references the same paragraphs than the original entity.
This poses great issues as any modification on the paragraphs will impact all the duplicated entities.



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