Allows contact information collected via the registration module to be sent automatically to SugarCRM

Currently, the assignment between SugarCRM names and fields from the Drupal registration module are hard coded. However, release 2.0 will allow both to be selected via an administration configuration page.

FatSecret REST API Integration module

FatSecret: The Drupal 6 & 7 FatSecret REST API Integration module

This module allows you to integrate FatSecret API and to call all related API function of FatSecret.

This version of the module only works with Drupal 6.x & 7.x.

Recurly Entity

Exposes Recurly API objects as Drupal entities.

Recurly is a platform for managing subscriptions and recurring billing. This module lets Fields be attached to Recurly objects. The Recurly API doesn't have any mechanism for storing custom data, so to extend a Recurly object it must reference data in your Drupal database.

Currently supported entities include:

  • Subscription Plans
  • Subscriptions

Under development:


Webform Paymethod Select

Configuration dialog where the payment methods can be selected and line items can be defined

webform_paymethod_select defines a webform component that you can include in your webform. When filling out a webform, a user can then select a payment method out of a list of methods that you can define. By choosing a payment method the form for this method is presented to the user. On webform submit the component takes care of saving the payment.



Module to manage the flat rate discount using ubercart with admin interface. You can add flat rate for each ubercart product content type .

Ubercart Flat Rate Discount

You can add a flat rate discount for each of your product content type using ubercart.


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