Ridiculously Responsive Social Share Buttons

Adds the Ridiculously Responsive Social Share Buttons to your website.

You can choose to add them to the end of certain node types or use the block to put them wherever you want.

Why this project? They look and work nice and they aren't on Drupal yet. You'll need to place the files from https://github.com/kni-labs/rrssb in sites/all/libraries/rrssb/ or use the provided drush function to do that for you!


UserVoice Integration

Custom Gadgets and Account Traits


This module provides deep integration with the UserVoice feedback and online help desk service for widget placement, single sign on authentication, custom gadgets, and more.

Maintenance and development is sponsored by UserVoice.


This module allows you to:




This module provides API integration with Endomondo. The module is based on a similar Drupal module developed for Twitter. Out of the box, it allows users to:

  • Associate one or more Endomondo accounts with their Drupal user account.
  • Import user workouts.
  • List user workouts and stats in blocks.


Endomondo requires OAuth to connect with the Endomondo API.

Share light

This module defines a block with various share links - javascript free and stylable. It provides a new fieldtype, so you just need to add a new field to where ever you want your fancy sharebox. Out of the box it allows to share a configurable url via facebook, twitter and email.


Forum: Report abuse

This module provides content moderation functionality for Drupal 7's Advanced Forum.

Provides a button allowing users to report content to the forum moderators, and provides a moderation control panel where they can deal with reported content.


Membership Entity Ubercart

Provides integration with Ubercart while using the Membership Entity module. Creates a new product class called "Membership Product" to keep membership products separate from normal products.


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