Date Timeslots

Integrates with FullCalendar to provide field widget for Date module.
User can select available time slots during creation of the entity.

CalDAV Events

CalDAV reader & writer

React upon events and manage calendar information from a CalDAV server.


B4Y Event Registration

(Legacy) event registration module.


Only tested in the "Fedimbo / Fast2Web" distribution, depends on the webform module.


Developed by Blue4You


Individual Recurring Nodes

This module takes content types that have a repeating date field (such as events) and creates individual nodes for each occurrence. Each occurrence is tagged with a source reference field that keeps track of the entire series. If one event is updated, you will be prompted whether or not to make changes to this occurrence only, all occurrences in the series, or this occurrence and all following occurrences (which resets the source reference to the edited node).

Drupal Conferences

This is a suite of modules to provide conference and event related functionality.



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