Dimdim - web conferencing


Module no longer maintained: the lack of support from Dimdim and their constantly changing stance on who is allowed to use the API made it impossible to work on this project and hence it is no longer being worked on, I would highly encourage anyone to consider other web conferencing tools.

Dimdim lets anyone deliver synchronized live presentations, whiteboards and web pages and share their voice and video over the Internet - with no download required.


Node Repeat

We need to have one good module. Not a lot of half good.
#894680: Merge similar "node repeat" module

This module allows creating multiple repeats/duplicates/clones of nodes based on date sequences. The date sequences are created with the Date Repeat module (part of Date). The nodes must have a CCK Date field, which in the new nodes created by Node Repeat are populated with dates from the sequence. A typical use case might be for creating an event that repeats regularly and for which your users need to Signup.

Node types that have one or more Date field(s) can be set to allow repetition by selecting the Date field to use. If a node type is set to allow repetition then a Repeat tab will appear on nodes of that type to allow creating/editing repeats for that node. Under the Repeat tab if the node is already part a sequence then options for editing that sequence are displayed, otherwise options for creating a sequence from the node are displayed.


Usage and Features for 6.x-1.1

For unstable versions please take a look at the release notes.

Known issues

#927452: DST problems


#894680: Merge similar "node repeat" module


Date picker formatter

This module is a CCK formatter allowing users to pick one or more dates (from a date, datetime or datestamp CCK field) similar to the Doodle online service.



This simple module allows to manage notice of impending events. The administrator can, for each node type of event to add, how long in advance to be alerted by e-mail the selected group.

Depending on the Event module.

This module is sponzored by HWGroup.





This module is being developed and maintained by DANEnet (http://danenet.org/), a non-profit located in Madison, WI. It provides a simple and powerful way for organizations to track attendees of events/activities using on-site kiosks and a central server running Drupal. The server can either be restricted to a local network or be open to the internet to allow off-site sign-ins.


Incident report

This module allows users to submit incident reports from a Drupal site. It was designed with the emergency services / public safety workforces in mind, although it can easily be modified to accommodate whichever industry might be in need of such a content type.



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