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This project is a port of the old Fileshare project to Drupal 7.

Original module description:

The fileshare module is used to create pages that allow browsing, uploading, downloading and deleting of files from a fileshare directory that is created by Drupal and linked to the node.

One-time File Download

This module allows you to provide single-use URLs to files stored in Drupal's private file-system.


Image Width and Height formatter

This module provides

This module provide a formatter for image field. You can choose to display the width, the height or both of the image.

Use cases

I created this module when refactoring the OpenLayers Styles layer in the OpenLayers module.
This module and the module image URL formatter will now be needed if you want to display image as graphics for your markers.


Webform Token Files

Allow files uploaded to a Webform file component to be renamed with patterns from the webform node, submission and the file itself.

AJAX Download Counter

This module uses AJAX to count file downloads. It's optimized for medium to large sites (such as my own site, where the total number of file downloads might be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. Using this module has some advantages and some limitations versus other methods of counting downloads:


Node Load Img

This module adds a new array in your images fields, containing absolute URLs to styled image of this field.

In administration, chose, for any content type, the formats for which you want the styled urls at node load.


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