Provides WYSIWYG functionality as well as integration with the Media module packaged in a module.

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Development sponsored by Mediacurrent.



Configuration Image location


This module provides facility to crop single image in multiple dimensions. User can crop various part of singe image based on dimensions configured from back-end. Path for each cropped image is stored in one hidden field, we can fetch each cropped image for node/term using the hidden fields. In this way we can display different portions of image at each place holder in fronted.


In admin one configuration page is provided to configure default location for storing cropped images on server.

Filefield Sources Resumable.js

Integrates the fault tolerant upload library resumable.js with filefield sources.

currently the upload is working, but only saving the file to the hardcoded /tmp/temp folder. the destination folder for the temporary chunks should be a setting, as well as the time the not completed chunks should be kept on the server ( and removed on cron) the completed file should be saved to the destination stored with the field.

after the upload the js to populate the filefield is not working.

Apachesolr Scald

This module provide a way to combine Apachesolr with Scald Atoms

FileField Sources Scald

Drag and drop into a file field, right from the scald library.

The 'FileField Sources Scald' module allows drag and drop from Scald into a file or image field. If building a site from scratch, we highly recommend using the Scald Atom Reference sub-module, included with Scald. However, in some cases, you may need to continue using an existing File or Image field and would like to add Scald drag and drop functionality without adding a new field.



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